Hiring: General Manager for China

I’m looking for a General Manager to open an office in China – Shanghai and/or Beijing. Details are here. If you are interested or know anyone who might, please mail me here.


    Dear sir,
    Media is like that someone’s eye, ear, finger, even skin, etc. but the deeply concern is like feeling, mind, and emotion; nowadays the most part of human become part of society, and the always loss their own feelings and change to follow the social feelings, so if one company can use the tools of media to conduct the social feeling, eyesight, we are sure can get more successful within such unreal social environment, we call such carrer is Public Relationship. for my own thought that everything has its both side of bad and good, the main point is depending how and from which angle to focus it, so that is the more important things we made.
    I see your recruitment of General Manager of Beijing Branch, in happen that i was a PR manager within China Post Bureau of Zhejiang Branch before, and following that i was a manager of Advertising Paper of China Post Bureau DM. and then i go to Malaysia for studying professional course of Insititute of Administration Management (IAM,UK),when i graduated going to singapore for business venture. the period during singapore, i help one china company to establish their branch in singapore basis, and of cause the case be related with the PR a lot. my habit is like to study and analysis different culture and philosophy, especially chinese ancient philosophy, since it include more humane and wise, more flexibility for strategy, so i think if i have the opportunity i will can use the eastern philosophy combining the western philosophy, that will be perfect to serve your company’s future in China. I am sure.
    thanks for your attention.
    sincerely yours,
    Michael Liu zhenghong