Firebrand turns two

Firebrand Communications is two. We now have a team of nine staff and a strong client roster. We’ve developed a proven approach for our startup clients, which they find valuable and which resonates with prospects. So it’s up and to the right.

As I have done before when Firebrand launched, in its early days and when it turned one, I thought I’d share some lessons.


I’m often asked how things are going. I have to admit, this triggers a sense of conflict in me. The fundamentals of our boutique firm are strong, we’re doing good work which is rewarding. Yet, every element – processes, infrastructure, resources and capabilities can be better. Of course they can! Startup teams must live in a future state, imagining tomorrow in order to bring it into being. This means reflecting on current status can feel smaller, with challenges to resolve. It’s easy to get over-indexed on those, so they can be addressed. I think that’s a good inclination, but at the same time, it’s important to enjoy the ride.


When we started, I thought there was an opportunity to develop programs based around advocacy. And in part that’s true, but it’s not what startups are looking for. They want brand awareness and lead gen. Now our proposition ties directly into those goals, in an integrated, cross-disciplinary way which clients understand and value. We listened to the early feedback and retooled our approach, so now we can lead prospects along the path to what we offer, and our clients quickly see the value. We’ve found our niche and we know we have a leading proposition within it.


I’ve mentioned this before, but we say no to lots of interesting opportunities, so we can say yes to amazing ones. That takes courage and confidence, but it has been a guiding principle as we build the agency. We could be twice the size or more, but have a dissolute proposition and disconnected client roster. We’re trying to have a clear sense of what we are, so our future clients and team members can understand it too. We can’t be everything to everyone – and aren’t trying to be.

Year two has been good for Firebrand. We’ve felt supported by our community of clients, investors, partner agencies, and contacts. They’ve shared introductions to people who have become clients and team members, and we’ve been able to repay the favor. It’s been rewarding to share the journey. Thank you.