Mike Manuel highlights a piece in the SF Business Times noting an uptick in tech PR in the Bay over the last 3 months. New shops with names like FlashPoint and New Venture Comms are opening up to cater to the influx of VC-backed start-ups.

The piece is probably 12 months too late by my reckoning. Things started picking up during ’05, though agencies were understandably cautious about its longevity. The last three months have been busy more because that’s when most firms review their agencies than any macro-economic change.

Competition for staff, good staff, was hard then and always will be – it hasn’t changed in the last three months. The piece flags additional perks being offered like transport contributions and more salary (revolutionary stuff). Perhaps we’ll go back to the concept of duvet days. (Ha – remember those?) More likely, agencies will continue to provide the best environment, training, clients and development for their teams. But by and large even those are hygiene factors – it’s the culture which makes coworkers friends, which makes the agency fun to work in, supportive, challenging and which makes people get out of bed in the morning. Duvet or not.

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  • Eleanor Giles

    Hi Morgan,
    I agree with you, it is the culture that makes colleagues work well together in agencies – and I think duvet days are a factor towards which no cynicism should be required. Clients want to work with eager, informed and able agency staff, and there’s no evidence to suggest that a concept such as duvet days takes anything away from these principles. Dedication to the media cause, great contacts and a proven history of getting winning coverage is what clients like and what attracts proper PR people to an agency when it’s available to see within the culture. Not the prospect of a couple more days off.

  • Hi Gilesy – great to hear from you. You’re dead right – clients don’t care about a few days off, and really nor do staff. I just highlight that particular initiative since it was a high water mark of boom perks. That said, I’m sure I’ve been in meetings where we brainstormed more extravagant largesse – most of which happily never saw the light of day šŸ˜‰

  • Eleanor Giles

    Now I come to think about it, so have I. It sort of makes you think that the whole dotbomb thing may have gone quite a long way towards stopping Tech PR from disappearing up it’s own portal šŸ™‚