Back – but not for long

Right – I’m back in SF having spent a great week in Viet Nam. Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) is the craziest city, nine million people in a sprawling city of 30 degree heat. The main form of transport is a moped often carrying three or four people, six deep across a lane, people driving in the opposite direction against the flow, everyone beeping every thirty seconds. The only way to cross the street as a pedestrian is to step into the traffic, walk slowly and hope no-one hits you. Mayhem – but it works.

I asked the taxi driver what kind of driving test you need – he said ‘what test?’. Not the most comforting thought as you overtake on a blind corner with no seat belts. Quite a contrast to Singapore where the taxis have a warning chime when the driver goes over the speed limit.

OK, enough of this logistical tour, I’m in SF for a couple of days, happily kicking off a new client which develops VoIP security, but then off to London for the quarterly management meetings. Hoping to clear the backlog of mail and RSS feeds before setting off again.

Meantime, if anyone knows a good cure for jet lag, I’m very much in the market.

  • Ho Chi Minh sounds fantastic. Crazy, but fantastic.
    Can’t help you on the jet lag problem I’m afraid. Suppose it’s a case of grin and bear.

  • It was – also managed to get up to Nha Trang which is much more sedate, and a good place to chill.
    I think fresh air and exercise is the best cure for jet lag. Though I didn’t really fancy that at 1.00am when I woke up, mind racing and couldn’t get back to sleep.
    BTW – I’m back in the UK again April 10-13, which might coincide with your internship?

  • Great, yes I land on the 9th and start the following day at 10am.
    Be great to meet you in person finally!
    It’s funny, but one of the many benefits of blogs and other social media is the sense of knowing someone before actually meeting them.

  • Good – yes I’m much smaller in person than I am online…

  • Heh! I speak with a more north eastern accent than I do online. Similar to Ant and Dec. 🙂

  • Couldn’t resist the ‘cure for jetlag’ thing. Once seated on plane:
    1. 2 Tylenol PM washed down with 2 Bloody Maries timed for consumption in the 30 minutes leading up to food service
    2. Food + 2 glasses of white wine (NOT red)
    3. Sit back, put on eye shade thingies
    4. Pass out for 6+ hours
    works every time for me

  • Den – yeah, that works to get some sleep on the plane for sure. Plus the ear plugs of course. But then when you arrive you are still knackered and waking up at odd times. That’s the bit I’m less sure about. Seems to hit me one or two days in. Repeated use of Sominex/Tylenol PM to induce sleep when your bodyclock is at midday is pretty rough on the system.
    I tried those No Jet Lag tablets – they make it worse.

  • I forgot – I have this weird body clock where some people think I do my best work at 3am – so – I guess there is no real cure in the conventional sense. But It does work for me.
    The only time it didn’t was a 21 hour series of flights from Hawaii to Paris – with a stopover in SFO. That WAS grim.