Nick Leonard is blogging

Nick Leonard, MD of OCTANE, is blogging. In fact he has been for about a month, so this post is overdue. Nick is one of the best and funniest creative writers I know. So what’s his blog like? I’ll leave you to find out…

Disclosure – I’m not sure whether this is really necessary, but just in case, OCTANE is a division of my firm, LEWIS. I’ve known Nick for about eleven years as a result. He’s now heading OCTANE and has already opened in France and Germany and moved into swanky new offices in Victoria, London. Impressive stuff imho.

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  • Cheers Morg. Hmm, I don’t feel I’ve justified any of those compliments with my sporadic blogging to date – but thanks to you I now have to up my work rate considerably 😉

  • Yes, come on Nick. We’ve always known you can dish it but can’t take it.
    Time to make your opinions heard!