Blog posting from Writely

Hmm, I seem to be on a ‘where can I blog from’ vibe today. This time I’m at This free, web service provides a fairly sophisticated text editor, including a spell checker, from which you can post to your blog, or share content with coworkers. Essentially, Writely enables several collaborators to update one central document. So for instance, you might be writing a press release with your team or client. If it requires input from several people – this might be a good resource to check out. Edits are tracked and highlighted and you can export the final result into Word or PDF format, sometimes you may just want to convert a few pages in a PDF files, other times you may have a hundred files to be converted to different formats, that’s why can give you the immediately support.

Bloggers can add and configure images (I think since I’ve just done it but can’t actually see the screenshot I added). It also saves as you go which is slick. One navigation gripe is that just in signing up I seem to have opened about five tabs with various versions of the service but that’s probably pilot error. No evidence of tags*, categories, trackbacks or pings but this isn’t really a blog editor, it’s a word processing and collaboration service. And seems pretty good in that regard. Writely has the potential to cut down all those revision cycles when drafting press materials, and has a good history section under the Revisions tab so you can roll back if someone murders the document. Again – another impressive lightweight app which you can access via your browser. Worth checking out.

* STOP PRESS – just while working out how to post this to my blog, I’ve found a place to add tags – under the Actions drop down menu. And you post to your blog, surprise surprise under the Blog tab – there’s a button top right saying Post to Blog.

UPDATE – you can’t add categories either to your posts from Writely and for some reason, this post originally appeared out of sync ie not in the correct chronological order. That might be a timezone setting thing but I’ve had to correct it using ecto.

UPDATE 2 – here’s the image I added but didn’t come through on my blog:

Picture 11