Back – but not for long

Right – I’m back in SF having spent a great week in Viet Nam. Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) is the craziest city, nine million people in a sprawling city of 30 degree heat. The main form of transport is a moped often carrying three or four people, six deep across a lane, people driving in the opposite direction against the flow, everyone beeping every thirty seconds. The only way to cross the street as a pedestrian is to step into the traffic, walk slowly and hope no-one hits you. Mayhem – but it works.

I asked the taxi driver what kind of driving test you need – he said ‘what test?’. Not the most comforting thought as you overtake on a blind corner with no seat belts. Quite a contrast to Singapore where the taxis have a warning chime when the driver goes over the speed limit.

OK, enough of this logistical tour, I’m in SF for a couple of days, happily kicking off a new client which develops VoIP security, but then off to London for the quarterly management meetings. Hoping to clear the backlog of mail and RSS feeds before setting off again.

Meantime, if anyone knows a good cure for jet lag, I’m very much in the market.