Clogger is about to be outed

The Nobleizer who writes the amusing, oft corrosive, self-deprecating, anonymous blog, Clogger, is about to be outed. In typical style, the author wonders whether anyone cares and whether we’ll see this as some kind of self-publicizing stunt. Personally, I don’t think so, but I do think it’d be good to get the author’s name into the open.

To be fair, it’s not that closely guarded a secret. I quite enjoy this blog since it’s well written, but I’m not a fan of anonymous blogs. If you have an opinion worth hearing, have the confidence to put your name to it. Of course there are exceptions, but in general I think people ascribe more authority to a named viewpoint.

I see also the Clogster is taking issue with my preference to make any disclosures at the end of a post – like this one about OnHollywood. It’s not my intention to lure you to read a post and deliver a sting in the tail. In fact in this instance, I needn’t have made a specific disclosure at all really since, it’s already in the public domain. But my apologies nonetheless – what can I say? I’m a clogger – but not The Clogger, his name’s [watch this space].