Paul Charles

While in the UK recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Charles, director of communications at Eurostar. Paul is a man on the move. He was awarded PRWEEK’s Communicator of the Year for 2004 and the campaign he and his team have been implementing, also won a Rail Business Award.

He’s recently joined LEWIS as a Non-Executive Director, or member of our Advisory Board and I’m looking forward to working with him. He’s a supremely talented communicator, as was amply demonstrated when we asked him to do a five minute piece to camera by way of introduction to the rest of the company. Five minutes, no hesitation, no repetition, eyes full screen center in just one take. I guess ten years at the BBC makes that second nature, but for us mere mortals it was impressive.

I see Eurostar has just announced WiFi access at Waterloo. Gare du Nord in Paris, France has had it for a while – certainly since September when I was last there. It’s really the access on the train itself though that will be most useful. I may not want cell phones on planes, but WiFi on the Eurostar will be excellent for all those who need to stay connected.

  • Camille Fauteux

    À qui de droit, Je me présente, Camille Fauteux étudiante canadienne du HEC Montréal en échange (érasmus) à l’université Solvay Business school en Belgique. Dans le cadre d’un cours de communication et techniques publicitaires nous devons analyser le programme de communication d’Eurostar. Nous devons identifier les différentes stratégies employées ainsi que les principaux facteurs clés de réussite. Nous aurions besoin d’une personne ressource afin de nous aider à recueillir de l’information pertinente (document de l’effie, différentes campagnes publicitaires) pour notre travail. Nous apprécierions si vous pourriez nous référer à une personne disponible. Nous vous remercions à l’avance pour l’attention que vous porterez à notre demande.
    Bien à vous,
    Camille Fauteux