I started this blog at the end of 2004, primarily to discuss the changes taking place in the media and communications industries. More recently, I’ve added personal productivity and performance to the mix since this is a challenge we all face in our day-to-day lives.

I am an executive vice president at global communications agency, LEWIS. I’ve been working with the agency since 1996, having joined from Glaxo (now GSK). As a senior partner, I work with clients to develop strategic PR and social media programs which help deliver sales, investment, recruitment and new partners. I also advise our team about their personal productivity.

A Brit, I helped grow our UK office to be the leading IT PR firm in the UK, and set up LEWIS’ San Diego office in 1998. I’m now based in San Francisco, in an office I helped establish in August 2003.

I have spoken at events including AlwaysOn, MIT/Stanford VLABs, OnHollywood, PRSA, Social Media World Forum and WITI.

My interest has always been in marketing, which was the core of my degree from The University of Nottingham.

In my spare time, my interest in wine and good food battles with an unexpected aptitude for long distance running. The usual consequence of this being that on weekends I find myself running around with a hangover wondering where my next meal will come from.

My wife and I currently live with our two sons in the Richmond district of San Francisco, until the locals catch us and throw us out.