Jeremy Pepper interviews Lord Chadlington

Jeremy Pepper is pulling out all the stops at his blog at the moment. Today he kicks off another new series called the Clueless Train where he intends to keep PR bloggers true. Regardless of the specific issues, I’m sure the exchange of opinion will make interesting reading. But more specifically, Jeremy has interviewed his most senior scalp so far with Shandwick founder, and Huntsworth Group mastermind, Peter Gummer, aka Lord Chadlington. This is a big name for a PR blogger to interview and shows how committed he is to the program, and bodes well for future interviews. Some good lessons from ‘Chadders’ (as I’m reliably informed he’s called in parliamentary circles) – Never Give Up.

Couldn’t agree more. Good to see some edge in the PR world. And nice to see Jeremy following Lord’s advice.

  • Thanks for the nice comments – and I am guessing you meant Lord Chadlington’s advice to be courageous?
    And, I was able to pull out the Shandwick connection and the Fred Hoar reference to land the Lord interview. Al Golin is next week, and I think he’s a pretty big name as well.
    I’m trying to land some large corporations VP’s of Communications/PR, so if you have clients that like to talk, let me know.

  • You’re welcome Jeremy. I do of course mean Lord Chadlington’s advice. I’m calling him ‘Lord’ in reference to his comment that people think that’s his first name (hence italics). Crap joke, sorry.

  • Sorry, British humour was always lost on me. I never was a fan of Monty Python, but as a 12 year old did love Benny Hill – but not for the comedy.
    He was a really interesting man. I’m trying to get more Brits and other EU PR people that will be known in the US.