Commiserations to Boothy

BoothMy friend and LEWIS colleague, Clive Booth stood as the Conservative MP candidate for the City of York in the UK elections tonight. Sorry to see you didn’t get in Boothy but it was a big majority to beat (10,000+ votes). Regardless of one’s politics, it was good to see a candidate using video CDs and innovative tactics to mobilize the voters. And good to see someone stand for what they believe in and put themselves forward, knowing that the odds were against them. That takes courage.

  • Clive Booth

    Always fun getting thrashed. Perhaps that’s the benefit of a private school education…
    Spare a thought for a friend of mine, fellow Tory Robert Halfon who lost in Harlow by 97 votes out of a constitency of 53,000. Now that must hurt.
    Another observation about the British electoral sytstem: because of the way the UK ‘electoral college’ is composed, 646 constituencies from which the candidate with the most votes wins, Labour polled fewer votes than the Conservatives, but won the election by coming first in more seats.
    That ain’t democratic!

  • Ah Harlow – my old home town. Once a Labour safe seat, and now with its gentrification becoming more Conservative. Apparently they had to do three recounts on that one.