Congrats to Kath Pooley (again)

Kath’s having a great year. Not content with winning PRWEEK UK’s Young Communicator of the Year, she bagged the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ (the UK version of the PRSA) Young Communicator of the Year award last night.

I should explain that Kath is a long-time colleague and LEWIS’ UK GM. I’m not surprised she’s getting these deserved accolades – she’s articulate, bright, charismatic, detailed, energetic, fun, gregarious, high-energy and imaginative… (ok I’m not going through the whole alphabet coz she’ll get embarrassed). In typical down-to-earth style, I hear she celebrated by drinking a case of dry white wine topped off with a sausage sandwich.

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  • Sorry – can’t agree with this. You mean to tell me that Kath DIDN’T do a mega vindaloo with a side of pakoras after the white wine? Bloody hell – what’s happened to Lewis’s almost legendary status as the curry guzzling PR crew par excellence?

  • Ha. I think Kath has people to do that for her now. They get drunk and make a fool of themselves, burn out their insides on a phall, swear like troopers, throw up and have a terrible hangover on her behalf. She just picks up the tab.
    Don’t worry – the reputation is in safe hands.