AirTunes – unseen on WiFi network

 Airportexpress Images Indextop06072004I was recently given an AirPort Express with AirTunes wireless base station, which is supposed to connect iTunes to remote speakers over a wireless network. I’m having a bit of trouble getting it to work and wondered whether anyone else has encountered this problem.

I can set up the AirTunes base station as a standalone wireless router, connect to it using my Powerbook and stream songs or podcasts to my remote speakers just fine, so I know the connections are all solid.

However, if I join the AirTunes base station into my current wireless network (DSL over a 2Wire HomePortal [NB – 2Wire is a client]), iTunes fails to recognize the AirTunes router is on the network. I need to connect the two so that I have Internet access while also streaming songs to my AirTunes router and speakers. I don’t want to either surf or play music and have to toggle between the two.

I’ve reinstalled the software, updated the firmware, consulted the Apple Support site. Any ideas? Strikes me that quite a few people would want to connect AirTunes to their existing wireless network (and in fact the set-up wizard walks you through it) but for some reason iTunes can’t see it on the network.

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  • funktruck

    I think the problem is that you are configuring the Airport up as a router/basestation, then trying to get your existing router (2Wire) to recognize it as a client. Since you already use a 2Wire gateway, you do not need another router in the same area.
    Try this instead:
    Use your Powerbook, or any computer with a wireless connection (but NOT your primary computer that is hooked up to your 2Wire gateway) to configure the Airport in CLIENT mode. This should be pretty simple, using the setup wizard, although you may need to reset it to default mode first.
    Once you have reconfigured it in client mode, it should work perfectly for your purposes.

  • chad

    thank you! this was driving me nuts. totally worked – or working so far… and i did it from my only powerbook. i’m using my airport express and a new 2wire wireless modem with bell sympatico in Toronto Canada.