Dell Hell continues

If you’re not following this live case study of how one individual consumer (albeit one with quite a big megaphone) can affect a multi-billion dollar company’s reputation, then perhaps you should. It’s a great read.

  • Interesting. I began a blogsite, and didn’t realize all the other Dell Hell stories out there.
    Well, I could not get any satisfaction, but it was mostly software (Windows ME) and Microsoft told me that Dell was the one to go back to. No satisfaction, so I began writing a series of poems called Ode to Michael Dell (worth $14 billion) and sending them to CEO Fiorina at HP.
    After each one mailed to HP, I would get a call from a Dell trouble-shooter, so I knew she was forwarding them on to Texas and Dell. But they refused adamnantly every time to replace ME (unstable) with XP.
    Since I am 80 now, and may drop off at any time from too much sexual activity, I opened up a Blogsite and am putting all 16 poems on it. Just so posterity may be able to read them and continuing to cost Dell sales.

  • I may have lied in the above; I think it is a total of 17 poems.

    Why, here on Earth, should your life be Hell,
    Because your computer was made by Dell?
    And through experience the lesson learned,
    Was: If you buy from Dell, you will get burned.