Unleashing Tiger

While on the subject of Apple, I finally installed Apple’s new OS, Tiger yesterday which includes a powerful new search function, called Spotlight, and its much-vaunted Dashboard with Widgets. Widgets are small applications, such as a calculator or stickies, which can easily be accessed using the function keys.

Apple’s site claims to have over 1,000 Widgets to try out. So far I’ve found the best for PR folks to be the standard ones of World Clock, which helps you coordinate international programs, and Unit Converter, for calculating currency exchanges and costing PR programs. I see that lots of blog sites have their own dedicated Widgets as well.

Has anyone found any good communications-related Widgets? Must be some useful ones out there.

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  • I use the Konfabulator widgets (recently purchased by Yahoo!) for my pc and to be honest I don’t find them highly useful at all.
    I do find them fun though! I have a picture frame linked to all of my photos on my hard drive, I have an iPod mini widget linked to my iTunes player, a wifi signal reader, a seven day weather forcaster, a widget that will let me search the major search engines as well as Amazon and Ebay and I have a dancing karate man!?!
    There are some RSS readers you can download but they’re pretty basic and I know I wouldn’t use them at all. There’s also a few web designer tools, but again, I think they’re really basic.
    Still, they’re free and fun.

  • Thanks Stephen – that was pretty much my impression so far. The RSS Widgets don’t look powerful enough to replace my NetNewsWire app, and many of the others are informational eg weather, or recreational eg games like Breakout.
    As you say, fun but not massively helpful from a PR perspective.