Webcast and presentations from Blogging seminar


The webcast of this week’s blogging seminar in London is now up and available here.

You can also download the presentations from the site. Mine is here, Loic’s here, and Jo’s here.

If you couldn’t make it, please do take a look and send me any questions you might have. I’ll pass them on to the speakers, who I’m sure will be happy to respond, if I can’t.

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  • I have just finished watching it now. Congratulations!
    I found all three very informative and I particularly enjoyed Jo Twist’s presentation. A journalist’s perspective of the blogosphere’s use and interaction was highly interesting.
    Particularly when she mentioned that journalists should monitor the conversation and then give an impartial view, and why they should strive for accuracy rather than speed. This reinstated my view that blogging will not kill mainstream media if they are willing to change and engage. It is pretty evident the BBC are.
    With regard Loic’s comment about advertising, (Nokia phone ad in a newspaper) I still believe it plays a significant part in the marketing mix. People will always have an association with brands. For example, David Beckham advertising a pair of Adidas football boots compared to someone on the Internet recommending a different pair. The young, impressionable and fashion conscious will go with Beckham every time.

  • Hi Stephen – glad you found the sessions useful. I agree that Jo is a new breed of journalist who is embracing and enhancing blogging and using her credibility and reach as a reporter to fact check a story. She has access which many people don’t. But speed is still important. Take news topics like WMD, Michael Jackson etc and you see that speed is often more important than truth in shaping opinion.
    Your point about endorsement if you think about it is the same as Loic’s. We allow David Beckham to influence our opinions of a product because we respect him. Ditto for the bloggers we read. They are both opinion formers. The medium may be advertising, or face to face endorsement, or blogging, but the affect on your buying behavior stems from the same dynamic. Connectors, sneezers, call them what you will – innovators are able to influence the buying decisions of others in their circle. Beckham has a big circle of influence, that’s the only difference between him and the blogger endorsement. But find enough bloggers and find the right ones, and you could start something huge. That’s what Nokia is trying to do.