Buddy can you spare me a link?

I’m adding my new friend John Wagner, who writes the excellent On Message blog, to my blogroll since he’s kindly helping me fight back up the tables, after my stellar entry at No. 20 in Media Orchard’s Top 25 PR Blogs. It’s based on Technorati’s new PR Blog Finder, which ranks blogs by the number of links they have from a variety of sources. The concept is that the more links you have, the greater your ‘authority’. Except some links seem to vanish and the rankings don’t seem to be strictly based on the quantity or range of links.

Sometimes I appear above sites with more links from more sources, while others are above me with fewer links still. It’s all a bit bizarre. But every bit of link love counts. And since he’s kindly helping me. I’m repaying him double. And frankly he deserves it – lots of interesting posts on his site.

UPDATE – And as Scott Baradell of Media Orchard mentions, I should add him too. Which I have now done. [Sorry Scott – most remiss of me].

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  • Um…could you add me too? 😉

  • Morgan:
    Thanks for the mention, and thanks for taking my post as it was intended … a quick jibe at Technorati (and us bloggers) and how those rankings can get under your skin.

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