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Social bookmarking site,, has been down since at least 10.00pm PT Sunday night. Recently acquired by Yahoo!, the service suffered a power outage late last week, which according to the blog, has affected the database indexes which need to be rebuilt.

Not a great week for Web 2.0 companies following Typepad’s outage on Friday. But judging by the 226 comments on its blog, has a faithful and loyal following.

Sidenote – some users are threatening to swap to digg, which isn’t a social bookmarking service, but a news ranking engine where visitors vote (or digg) for the content they like. They’re not really competitive – I use both.

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  • If you are considering to swap or try another service, check out Perhaps you might find it to be a delicious alternative. We are working hard at improving our service so if you do check us out, I would love to hear your thoughts. Mike

  • Hi Mike – thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out more fully but from an initial glance it looks a bit like meets digg?

  • Hi Morgan, there is actually LOTs of important reasons why you might enjoy BlinkList over They become very obvious once you start using the system. If you would like to see a list, you can also just go here:
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  • down and out

    Morgan McLintic is writing about which apparently has been down since Sunday. I have to confess that I never really got the point of this site or its value. Apparently, Im in the minority however since it was aquired by Yahoo!