AccMan Pro to launch weekly accountancy podcast

Dennis Howlett, whose AccMan Pro accountancy blog recently burst through the 20,000 page view mark, is now launching a weekly accountancy podcast. He’s pulled in some great names like Damian Wild of Accountancy Age, Richard Young of Real Finance and John Stokdyk of AccountingWEB. The aim is to present a 15-minute podcast every Monday, consisting of 5 minutes from each contributor. Dennis will host and weave the show together.

What’s interesting is that each contributor will have an open mike to talk about the issues they think are most relevant, and Dennis will stitch the podcast together as the consistent voice. To have three perspectives from different publishing houses each week on the topic is a first I think (correct me if I’m wrong).

Well done Den – you’ve found a rich topic, have been prolific in building an audience and are now taking it into a new medium. Who’d have thought accountancy would get such treatment – or that the audience would be so responsive. Good luck with the show.

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  • What’s really interesting is that already, Richard is talking about getting something prepared on his Palm and firing a WAV over with notes to help move the process along. I’d anticipated being in a sort of Q&A – which I may still do with one or other.
    We’ve also discussed the way the content should go – I’ve given them complete freedom as I want it to be driven by their agendas and not mine.
    Does this qualify as a mash-up to use the ‘Valley’ parlance?

  • Ha – either that or a lash-up.
    Glad to hear it’s coming together Den.