Whither Feedster?

I saw Scott Rafer as I was walking around the neighborhood this afternoon, which made me think about Feedster. Haven’t heard much about them since he left last year, and they seem to have been eclipsed by the resurgent Technorati. I don’t get much traffic from Feedster to my blog, and I never use the site for search. In fact, the little adverts they put in their RSS searches are rather bothersome.

They might be doing well, and the site says they’re hiring, but they seem to have dropped off the map. Does anyone use Feedster any more?

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  • I was in my own little fog; I apologize. It took me a few minutes to realize where I’d met you. Please always stop me to say, “hi” if you feel like it.
    And, more importantly, Feedster’s doing just fine. It’s business is a bit quieter than other blog search engines, but healthier and with more revenue, I suspect.

  • Morgan,
    We’re doing fine…although we’ve been rather quiet of late. We’re currently in the process of a site/service re-launch so we’ve kept a bit of a low profile until then. However, we welcome you to stop by the office soon to see what we’ve got in store.
    Alan Graham

  • Hi Scott – that’s no problem, I was in a rush. The haunted look on my face was one of a man in search of a birthday present for his wife. Hope things are going well with you and will definitely catch up next time.
    Alan – Am glad to learn about the relaunch. Will look out for that. Of course, with my PR hat on, I think you need to keep the awareness level going, otherwise folks like me start to wonder what’s going on. And they might jump to the wrong conclusion.
    Thanks for the offer of a quick tour – very kind of you.