WITI Conference panel on Technologies, Marketing & the Media

I’m moderating a panel about Technologies, Marketing & Media in the New Millennium at the WITI Conference in San Diego on Tuesday, February 14. I’ll be joined by Vivian Lin, founder of Tangent Entertainment, Shital Mehta, chief creative officer at Shanth Interactive and Miro Copic, co-founder of BottomLine Marketing. Please be sure to look me up if you are there. Here’s the synopsis:

The focus of the workshop is to discuss the new technologies and marketing methods that have evolved in the marketplace in recent years… Advertisers and media and technology companies, mindful that young consumers have migrated away from the traditional carriers of their messages, have begun to find new ways to reach them, including: podcasting, blogging, media content delivery, and more.

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  • Hi Morgan,
    I want to show you ning.com
    I saw it recently. It seems fairly new and haven`t read anything in your blog about it yet.
    Don`t you think this web has the potential to turn down the tables again on the world of blogs, user defined content and socializing through the internet in general?
    And another question, I haven`t had time to read carefully the website or their conditions, but in case that your chosen application is successful, do the visitors/advertising revenues belong to the site creator or to Ning?
    I think this kind of applications can be revolutionary…

  • Hi Javier – thanks for your comment. I took a quick look at Ning back in Oct since it’s Marc Andreesen’s new project. I know it’s just issued a set of new features. Haven’t had time to check it out yet. Do you think it’s something which PRs might use? It says it’s a way to create social web apps. From a cursory glance it doesn’t look like it’s aiming to replace blogs.
    Not sure about the revenue share with the ads they create. Wld imagine there is some revenue share since that’s a fairly common model.