Jacob William McLintic, born October 10, 2006


I’m delighted to announce the birth of my first child, Jake McLintic, born at 12.49am on Tuesday October 10, 2006 weighing 8lbs 9oz. He and my wife, Lucy, are both doing well and we’re pleased to be back home. Not sure I’ll ever get used to the 2.00am feeds, but he’s a joy. One of the most amazing days of my life, I still can’t wipe the proud grin off my face.

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes, congratulations and offers of help!

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  • Congrats to both you and Mrs McLintic, Morgan.
    He looks like a little cutie!

  • what a pic – congrats from germany

  • Steve / Sebastian – thanks. I think he’s cute but I’m totally biased. Takes after his mother clearly.

  • Beautiful, Morgan!
    Congratulations to your new family.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to you and your wife. My son was also born Oct 10th 2006. So I can appreciate your fatherly pride.

  • Congratulations – where are the pix?