To blogroll or not?

For the last few years, I’ve used Blogrolling to manage and update my blogroll. Given blogrolls are somewhat lapsed in their popularity now, I’ll admit I’ve neglected mine. There are many blogs I read which aren’t there and several which have since stopped, but I quite like the vintage feel.

That is until now, when I’ve just discovered that Blogrolling has started doing those damnable ad bars across the top. OK it’s a free service so I shouldn’t be surprised but it’s a stealth introduction. It never used to do that.

Question is, do people use blogrolls any more? In an age of realtime search, and the mass-proliferation of PR and social media blogs, is it worth the attempt?

Meantime, my apologies for those who have been exposed to these ads. I’m leaving the blogroll there until I’ve decided what to do, but just close the ads if you go see my friends. I’m sure they wouldn’t want them across the top of their blogs.

  • You too. I’ve just moved my blog from Typepad to my own hosted WordPress site. It still needs a bit of work to get it how I want. One of those is creating a links page (instead of having the blogroll in a sidebar). Like you I use Blogrolling and only just discovered the ads (I never click on my own blogroll!)
    Personally I think blogrolls still have an important role. When I find a new blog it helps me to understand the author. Do we have blogs in common? Do they know ones I don’t? It is the mass-proliferation of blogs that make the list even more important. It’s about sorting the wheat from the chaff. My list is going to be selective and will have some big well-known blogs, but also much smaller ones that I think deserve a bigger audience and hopefully (since mine’s not bad!) I can help in a small way.

  • Hi Stuart,
    Yes – I tend to agree. A blogroll does help to see which other blogs the author thinks are important, and then to position them in the general ecosystem. I agree on discovery too, although I think discovery is tending to move to Twitter etc.
    BTW – how was the move to WP? And how did you do that? I’ve been researching it but the How Tos I’ve found are either too simplistic or so technically off putting it changes my mind.

  • Morgan, I also use blogrolling and have the same condundrum. Personally, I use blogrolls to see who reads what and it helps me find new blogs which might be relevant or useful.
    I also take your point that Twitter is a new kind of blog roll with people pimping their blogs but I still think a blog roll or links section really helps.

  • Thanks Chris – I agree. So basically we now have redo the blogroll as direct links, without using Blogrolling. I need to update mine anyway. File under Blog/Admin…