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3 lessons kids can teach you about consultancy

3 lessons kids can teach you about consultancy

Children can teach adults an awful lot, such as how to enjoy the moment and how to play. But what can they teach us buttoned-up consultants? More than you’d think.

At LEWIS PR for 13 years

Today I celebrate thirteen full years at my agency, LEWIS PR. No joke. When I joined there were ten people. Three of those are still with the firm (Chris Lewis, Ilona Hitel and Andy Oliver, who joined two weeks before me). Now the company has 300 staff. I’ve worked with and met some brilliant people […]

The time of your life

You may not realize it, but this is the time of your life. Deep in the depths of the darkest recession I hope we will all face in our lifetimes, you will discover your true mettle. How you respond to the waves of bad news which crash onto us on a daily basis, may well […]

You know your agency is getting big when…

…people in your own firm start giving you business cards. This just happened to me. Seemed normal during our conversation to swap cards, but now I think about it, it’s certainly a milestone. I’m even wearing a name badge at our annual agency jamboree. But that might just be to make sure I remember my […]