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Links & ranks – the map is not the territory

I’ve become confused about the value of links to rank the influence of bloggers. Bloggers want traffic In general, bloggers want ‘traffic’ i.e. visitors to their site. If you invest time in communicating, it’s nice to have an audience. Bigger audience = more feedback = more learning & more connections = more value. Links indicate […]

Typepad launches blog widgets

According to TechCrunch, Typepad is launching new blog widgets, which enable bloggers to add features such as search engines, music lists and feed directories, to the sidebar of their blogs more easily. SixApart, which runs the Typepad service, has also opened up its API to allow third parties to develop more widgets. This comes hard […]

BBC – Bloggers: an army of irregulars

BBC NEWS | Bloggers: an army of irregulars: For many in the “mainstream media”, as bloggers call us, weblogs are at best a nuisance and at worst dangerous. They are seen as the rantings and ravings either of the unbalanced or the tedious. My experience over the past few months has led me to an […]

Back up your blog

It’s a good idea to back up your blog. If you use Moveable Type or another server-based blogging platform you can easily backup the files yourself. For all those with hosted blogs such as Blogger or Typepad, that’s not so easy. Typepad recently deleted several blogs beginning with the letter ‘S’, so disaster can strike. […]