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The power of routines

The power of routines

After six months (count them) of silence, I’m back publishing here. I hope you’ll forgive the lack of communications and content. I’d like to say it was a deliberate plan to recharge the blogging batteries after seven years, but the truth is simpler. I became over-committed and something had to give

Moving from Typepad to WordPress

Moving from Typepad to WordPress

Since 2004, this blog has be hosted on SixApart’s Typepad platform. At that time Typepad was the easiest way to create and manage a personal or business blog. Over the last six years, it has fallen behind other platforms, most notably Wordpress with its large community of developers. Time to jump ship. In fact, long overdue.

Blog stress

Just wanted to reassure all those of you who have read today’s New York Times piece, that my prolific blogging is in no way impacting my health. Running a PR firm’s a killer though. Technorati Tags: blogging, NYT, stress

Tom Foremski celebrates three years as a ‘journalist blogger’

Silicon Valley Watcher editor, Tom Foremski, has clocked up three years as a professional ‘journalist blogger’. He left the Financial Times in May 2004, starting SVW later that summer. He was the first mainstream journalist, writing for an established and respected daily, to jump the fence into full-time blogging. And three years later he’s still […]

Has blogging and social networking changed the marketing game?

Panel at AlwaysOn with Charlene Li of Forrester, Jeff Nolan of SAP, Steve Rubel of Edelman, Brad Silver of brandimensions, and Jay Stockwell from Intelliseek/Buzzmetrics. The big question – are brands scared of losing control and how can they react? There’s a continuum between control and transparency believes Steve Rubel. Some companies adopt blogging because […]

The Rough Guide to Blogging

The Rough Guide to Blogging

Yup, you heard it – Rough Guide which normally takes us on tours of Mexico, Japan, France etc will now give you a guided tour of the blogosphere. Keeping the guide up-to-date will be a challenge, but it’s a brave attempt. Cheap vacation destination too. The Rough Guide to Blogging 1 is available July 31, […]

Monday poll: Would you pre-brief bloggers under an embargo?

In the US, it’s common to pre-brief trusted reporters prior to a key press announcement under embargo. This means the reporter can write her story and have it filed and ready to issue on the day of the announcement. It’s a good way for print pubs to keep pace with online sites, and it helps […]

Monday poll: When will the ‘social media release’ be the norm?

The humble news release has long been under scrutiny and criticism. It’s a PR tactic unchanged in many years despite the fact that many journalists prefer to ignore them. With the advent of bloggers as a new audience, the news release is stretched still further, perhaps to breaking point. Some have suggested it’s time for […]

Link bonanza – early winners

Congratulations to the early winners in the May link giveaway: Duane Brown – who has a blog about gaming, PR, television, sport and some other stuff from a self-styled pop-culture freak. He’s busy knocking himself out with E3 at the moment. Tickets to this year’s E3 were like gold dust, I hear the vetting process […]

Free link giveaway

Special reader offer: I have 10 free links which I’m giving away to emerging PR bloggers to help them get started. I’m giving one to Chris Clarke at the Student PR blog, and another to Wages of Spin blogger, Alexandra Pullin, to help her get that new job. That means I have eight left for […]