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Five ways to fail a job interview

I’ve interviewed hundreds of job candidates. Going into an interview, I want the interviewee to get the job, to be ‘the one’. But the law of averages says that’s unlikely. Most candidates make the same mistakes: They just want A job not, THIS job – Particularly in the current economic climate, candidates just want a […]

The three types of PR consultant

There are three general types of PR consultant: 1. The Media Pitcher – is great at selling a story. They’re the ones who get the ink. They have the connections, they have strong people skills, fascinating to talk to, conversant on a range of topics, persuasive, engaging, strong sense of humor, rich voice with a […]

Ten questions interviewees never ask

Here are some questions that interviewees never, or at least rarely, ask. Not sure why. I expect there are others you can suggest, but here are mine: 1. Is the company profitable? – sure you can get old data from D&B or Companies House in the UK, but this is important. No profits means your […]