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How to get fewer emails

Many of us struggle with email volume. It’s a source of stress, interruption and distraction. Taming your Inbox is important. The first step is to get fewer emails in the first place. Here are a few tips:

Taming the email Inbox

Communicators use email. A lot. In fact, it’s not uncommon for email to be the defacto means of correspondence with clients, media and the rest of the team. Many agencies use group email aliases to simplify comms, so it’s not uncommon to get over 400 emails a day. If each email takes an average of […]

Out of Office but not out of touch

I’m on the plane back to San Francisco following a week’s vacation. As little as five years ago it used to be quite common for people on vacation to drop off the grid entirely for a week, sometimes two. We used to debate whether it was better to triage email while on holiday or to […]

How to manage email

Email has increasingly become the workhorse technology of PR. It makes a good servant but a poor master. Once you start to get above a certain level, which for me is about 200-250, productivity suffers. Most business books advise you to restrict email usage to two or three times per day. For PR consultants that’s […]

Poll results: PR professionals are over dependent on email

82% of you think that PR consultants are too dependent on email. We use it for pitching the media and bloggers, for updating clients, for team organization, agency management, partner relations – the list goes on. In fact, when the email server goes down, many PRs don’t know what to do or how to operate. […]

Monday poll: Are PRs becoming over dependent on email?

Email has become an essential PR tool. It’s a key part of client and media liaison. But are PRs starting to hide behind the ‘email pitch’. Are email volumes becoming unmanageable? A one-to-one verbal conversation is much richer, clearer and sometimes faster when updating clients or asking for an opinion. But email does provide a […]

Polls results – leave the Blackberry at home while on your vacation

Looks like a majority of about two to one feel you should log off entirely while on vacation. Agencies need to staff teams accordingly to allow staff to take time out without impacting client campaigns. This makes good sense from a contingency perspective and prevents potential conflicts between personal and professional demands. That said, some […]

Monday poll: Should you check your email on vacation?

Is it more relaxing to log off and let potentially urgent email pile up for your return or to interrupt your vacation to deal with issues as they arise? Technorati Tags: Blackberry, email