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Should you be Facebook friends with your staff?

Should you be Facebook friends with your staff?

If you are a manager, should you be friends on Facebook with your team? The jury is out on whether it’s a good idea or not, but there are some areas of agreement and lessons to learn.

Connecting Twitter and Facebook

Facebook’s Status and Twitter serve largely the same purpose – short updates on what you are doing. Updating both individually is duplication, meaning often people prefer either/or. But you can get them to mirror one another.* [See update below - choose just one of these]. Feeding Facebook’s Status with all your Twitter updates is relatively […]

Blackberry’s Facebook app

As if Crackberry isn’t addictive enough… Technorati Tags: Blackberry, Facebook

Save Business2.0

The NYT is reporting its imminent demise, with the September issue potentially being the last. But fear not, because as Megan McCarthy at ValleyWag points out, Facebook could come to the rescue! Yes, do your bit by joining the ‘I read Business2.0 – and I want to keep reading!’ group. Set up by editor Josh […]

How long until we see Fakebook profiles?

How long will it be until we see fake friends, character profiles and guerilla marketing groups on Facebook? Not long I predict (and maybe I’m missing them already). Remember the character blogs and flogs like Captain Morgan and Lincoln Fry we saw with blogging? A brand could easily create a nominally topical group, say Glasgow […]

Will Facebook replace [Insert social media tool here]?

I’ve just joined Facebook. I like it. I’ve made all the same friends that I have on other social networking sites like Ning and tools like Twitter. But there’s a big difference – Facebook has broader penetration, beyond the technorati (with a small t). Certainly in terms of monthly traffic it outshines most social media […]