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Should you listen to music at work?

Should you listen to music at work?

Many of us listen to music when working. Some say it helps concentration by blocking out background noise. Others claim it’s a distraction and inhibits performance. So is music good or bad?

The gift of presence

A victim of multitasking is not just our productivity, but the attention we give to those around us. We’ve all been in meetings where people are working merrily on their laptops; been on conference calls as people check their email; even been sitting face-to-face talking to someone as they check their smartphone. I am guilty of this, even with my kids.

Beware the burnout cycle

If you work too hard, you will burn out. The signs of burn out include loss of motivation, inability to focus, lack of creativity, slow progress, a feeling of helplessness and general low energy. From time to time, we all feel one or many of these, but burnout is chronic. You can function for long […]

The role of brute force in project management

Sometimes the only way to get the lid off a jam jar is through brute force. Sure, you can hold it under hot water or use a cloth to get better purchase, but ultimately what it usually takes, is sheer strength. You’ve just got to grit your teeth and do it. Once it’s open, it’s […]

The power of No

The only way to grow a business, to reach a goal or to make something important happen is to say 'Yes'. 'Yes' is one of the most powerful, affirming words in our vocabulary. Everything that comes into being is as a direct result of someone saying to themselves, 'Yes' they want that to happen. And […]