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Why brand journalism matters

Why brand journalism matters

Brand journalism – organizations creating professional content – is a real and significant trend. But what impact will it have on corporate reputations and the media?

Video – Crisis management in social media

I wanted to share the full video (38:19) of our crisis management in social media webinar which we held earlier this month. This is a recording of the entire session, but we’ll be running it live again in the near future if you’d like to jump in with questions. My thanks once again to everyone […]

The embargo dilemma

For major announcements, embargoes are good for media, bloggers, clients and PR teams – when they work. Trouble is too often they don’t, the news leaks, and it’s the good guys who get penalized. It’s a tragedy of the commons. Increasingly, certain publications are sparing themselves the pain and declining embargoes. And with that goes […]

Should we use media embargoes?

An embargo is a mutual agreement between a reporter and a company to withhold the announcement of news until a specific date and time. A useful mechanism, they’ve been over-used for the wrong purposes and are now falling into some disrepute. Until I came to the US, I’d never used an embargo. On the day […]

Tom Foremski celebrates three years as a ‘journalist blogger’

Silicon Valley Watcher editor, Tom Foremski, has clocked up three years as a professional ‘journalist blogger’. He left the Financial Times in May 2004, starting SVW later that summer. He was the first mainstream journalist, writing for an established and respected daily, to jump the fence into full-time blogging. And three years later he’s still […]

More media mayhem

Barely a day goes by at the moment without some media move or layoff. Recently we’ve had the changes at the San Jose Mercury News, then the big editorial layoffs at Time, and today it’s the turn of the Boston Globe, which is cutting 125 staff, 19 of them editorial (including sister pub the Worcester […]

PRSourceCode ranks top tech agencies

PRSourceCode, a content services provider for journalists and PR firms, has just released the findings of its first survey of reporters about tech PR firms. It surveyed 1,000 US-based IT journalists about overall performance, responsiveness, industry knowledge, accuracy and value-add. The survey had 200 responses. And whoopee if we didn’t come second in the medium-sized […]

Jon Fine of BusinessWeek launches media blog

Following its revamp, one of the best new elements of BusinessWeek for communicators (and anyone involved in media) is Jon Fine’s page about the media. To add to this must-read, he’s now started a blog on the BW site here. One of the first publications to get the treatment (‘awful or what?’) is the new […]

Lessons on corporate blogging and the media – UK Blogging Seminar

Lessons on corporate blogging and the media – UK Blogging Seminar

We’ve just wrapped up our breakfast seminar on blogging, held in the LEWIS Media Centre in London. About 80 marketers, CEOs, PR consultants and reporters gathered to hear presentations from Loic le Meur, EVP of SixApart and Dr Jo Twist, technology correspondent for BBC Online, talk about the impact of blogging on corporate reputations and […]

World press dismay about Katrina response

BBC Monitoring has pulled together sample media quotes about the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina from sixteen different publications around the world. I’m sure the editor’s selection is designed to show themes of a need for humility and an impending political crisis for Bush, but the commonality among these disparate publications is striking nonetheless. […]