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The top 5 social media monitoring services [Poll results]

We recently ran a poll to find the most popular social media monitoring services in use today. Over 1,450 votes were cast (thanks!). The results are fascinating, not least because one of the most popular wasn't even on our radar, and the most high profile firms didn't attract the most votes. So here we go. […]

Social media measurement – basic metrics

Social media is easy to measure. That’s one of the most compelling factorsof online behavior – it’s trackable and comparable. And for marketers that means we can combine the creative right-brained activities with the logical left. We can fly by instruments, not just gut reaction. And we can demonstrate progress. That’s not the same as […]

Poll: Which social media monitoring service do you use?

Beyond the free alert systems, if you want context you’ll need to sign up for a subscription-based monitoring service. They all have different strengths – it’s a competitive and innovative space. But which do you prefer?

Creating a monitoring system with free tools [video]

You can set up an alert system to monitor blogs, comments, Twitter, the Web, video and tags for free. Here’s how in two minutes. More details here.

Monitoring – alerts are free, but context costs

Listening is the first step towards social media engagement – and thankfully it’s generally free. If you haven’t already, you should set up Google Alerts for not just your company, but your products, your key spokespeople, your competitors and the main trends you want to be associated with. By adjusting the frequency of these Alerts […]