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Why is the reputation of the PR industry so bad?

[I'm PRWEEK's guest blogger on the Insider this week. This is the first post in a series which is kindly being edited by Rose Gordon, News Editor. I'm cross posting it here, but if you have thoughts, please comment on the original post here.] The PR sector has been reputedly dead, dying, or making a […]

PRWEEK US creates Facebook networking group

PRWEEK was a little slow to jump into blogging but Keith O’Brien has been quick to create a networking group on Facebook for PRWEEK readers to interact. I think it’ll be interesting to see how a publication uses a tool like Facebook to extend its brand and value to its readers (and potential subscribers). 115 […]

PRWEEK US is blogging (and has been for a while)

Not sure how I missed this but PRWEEK US has a blog called The Cycle (after news cycle). While the tower banner ad center stage is a little odd and the frequent [sub req'd] must be annoying when referencing your own stuff, it’s good to see PRW blogging. I’d always wondered why they didn’t jump […]

Celeste Altus leaves PRWEEK US

Bay Area bureau chief at PRWEEK, Celeste Altus, is leaving mid-April to go freelance. She joined about a year ago to replace Andrew Gordon, who jumped to the dark side joining, Access Communications. Keith O’Brien is caretaking tech PR news while the publication hires a full time replacement. Good luck Celeste! Technorati Tags: PRWEEK

PRWEEK UK’s New Media Conference

PRWEEK UK’s New Media Conference

A few notes from today’s afternoon session: McDonalds UK – ‘we need to tell our story, not sell our story’. McDonalds is embracing online interaction such as using web chats. For instance, with Channel 4 after a showing of the SuperSize Me movie, the McDonalds UK CEO took live, unfiltered questions. During a 40 minute […]

Andrew Gordon leaves PRWEEK

Andrew Gordon, PRWEEK’s West Coast and tech editor, is leaving to join Access Communications. He’s a great journalist and I’m sure will bring a lot of industry knowledge, contacts, and insight to Access. Andrew’s been a popular figure with PRWEEK, always on the hunt for news and to listen to recent trends. He’s broken numerous […] down down

Please let this mean that our dear friends at PRWEEK are finally upgrading their web servers and international sites. I only raise this since I had wanted to link to the Intellisync stories mentioned below but couldn’t get on. I’m reliably informed that PRW is improving its website to make it faster, more searchable and […]