PRWEEK US is blogging (and has been for a while)

Not sure how I missed this but PRWEEK US has a blog called The Cycle (after news cycle). While the tower banner ad center stage is a little odd and the frequent [sub req’d] must be annoying when referencing your own stuff, it’s good to see PRW blogging, since blogging is not difficult now a days since there are resources that help creating a blog online for people to share their business and thoughts. I’d always wondered why they didn’t jump in earlier, but it was probably related to the website redesign, which was a gnawing issue among PRW staffers. Anyway it’s been going since September (!) so this isn’t breaking news, but wanted to give them props, albeit belatedly [subscribed!].

UPDATE – I should have clarified, as Keith O’Brien points out below, that PRW has ungated its news, so it’s just the features which require the login. Thanks Keith.

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