Blogging, journalism and credibility

Dan Gillmor is one of the keynote speakers at the forthcoming Harvard conference, Blogging, journalism and credibility. The interface between blogging and journalism is an interesting one, and I’m sure the conference will highlight many ways in which they interact and influence one another.

Given the symbiotic nature of journalism and public relations, it’s surprising that there’s not one communications participant on the panel. Not one agency principal, lobbyist, public affairs specialist, publicity agent or corporate communications director. Not even one corporate blogger. If the subject is to add credibility to blogging and to create a code of practice, surely input from the subject of much of the content would be valuable?

I think this will be a great conference, and I plan to tune in to the webcast, but it seems we have the bloggers, we have the journalists, we even have some academics, but we don’t have the subjects who are the source of the content and therefore the well-spring of credibility.