Bloggers claim another scalp

This time CNN’s Eason Jordon, chief news executive according to the New York Times. Mixed reaction as to whether this is the result of a search for truth or a vigilante hunt:

‘Edward Morrissey, a call center manager who lives near Minneapolis and
has written extensively about the Jordan controversy, wrote on his
blog, Captain’s Quarters (
"The moral of the story: the media can’t just cover up the truth and
expect to get away with it – and journalists can’t just toss around
allegations without substantiation and expect people to believe them


‘Steve Lovelady, a former editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer and The
Wall Street Journal and now managing editor of CJR Daily, the Web site
of The Columbia Journalism Review, has been among the most outspoken.

"The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail," he lamented online after Mr. Jordan’s resignation.’

We can expect to see this tension continue while traditional media comes to terms with the end of its monopoly on news analysis, and while the blogging community comes to terms with the effects of its comments.