Financial Times and The Economist launch RSS feeds

Paul Kedrosky highlights that both The Financial Times and The Economist have launched RSS feeds, on his Infectious Greed blog. The Economist feed is a rather tepid affair, mainly publishing its weekly table of contents, as well as select Global Agenda articles. Perhaps it has a more innovative approach in the works since this seems a rather cautious adoption of RSS.

That The Financial Times has launched an RSS feed is interesting. In 2001, I had an argument with its content police for deep linking to articles on its site, My agency, LEWIS, publishes a daily digest of the day’s news via email which goes out to several thousand recipients (mail me here to subscribe). The Financial Times objected to our linking to its content, despite the increased visibility and traffic, so we simply found the news elsewhere. Seems now The FT has a more mature approach to content sharing, which will act as a showcase for its other articles and enhance the reader experience. Bravo to them.