Frigging with the rigging

I managed to get some time this weekend to make some changes to this blog. You can now subscribe more easily using Bloglines and Feedster. I’ve also added a Directories section with links to all (or at least many) of the leading blog catalogs. Incidentally, while doing that I came across Taylor McKnight’s blog which has a veritable button-fest for those wanting to add directories, navigation, humorous or just plain bizarre buttons to their blog.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to add links to some excellent PR blogs:

Drew B’s take on tech PR – who has regular updates about the UK IT PR scene
Jeremy Pepper’s Musings from POP! PR – a leading PR blogger with good and frequent insights
Alice Marshall’s Technoflack – who gives practical advice about how to ‘pitch’ bloggers and much more
Tim Dyson – the big kahuna at Next Fifteen (which Tom Murphy highlighted earlier this week)
Todd Defren’s PR Squared – who I’ve worked with before and who now runs a great SF agency