Back from Boulder

Back after a couple of days in sunny Boulder, Colo (just near Denver for those outside the US, and a technology hub). Boulder is an interesting place, a micro-climate of technology companies, which sees itself as quite separate from its more industrial neighbor of Denver. It’s a great place, welcoming, connected and close to some great skiing in Vail and Breckenridge.

Tom Foremski is starting an article about the challenges blogging presents to public relations professionals, calling it a ‘nightmare’. This is true if you want to ‘control’ the message. But it also presents a huge opportunity to engage in interaction with your audience, to listen and to learn, to help correct factual errors and to influence opinion. More later this week when Tom reveals the answers.

Meantime, CNET has a basic FAQ about Blogging on the job, and having been out of the office for a bit, I’d better get on.