Commercialization of podcasting

The BBC quotes Dave Winer on the commercialization of podcasting: "No matter how you look at it, commercialising this
medium isn’t going to make very much money," he says. "Podcasting is
going to be a medium of niches, with ‘audiences’ measured in the single
digits, like e-mail or blogs.

"Maybe in a few years, maybe six or seven digits. But it will have to sustain interest beyond the hype balloon."

But speaking of podcasting, I should mention the excellent Hobson and Holtz Report, available at For Immediate Release again. I’m kindly mentioned in passing in yesterday’s show (thanks guys), but Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson are really setting the benchmark for PR podcasting. They’ve had some interesting guest interviews and are producing shows of remarkable consistency, quality and frequency (twice a week – for an hour each time). Anyone who has tried video production or even podcasting, will know how much time it takes and will appreciate the investment that Shel and Neville are putting in – all those behind-the-scenes tampering with sound levels, stitching in other sources, typing the notes, dealing with file corruptions and technical oddities which crop up. The result is great though – and as with all these technologies, you only learn by doing, so I’m sure it’s paying dividends.