London, baby

I’m about to jump on a plane to London so next week’s news will come from the other side of the pond. Meantime, our friends at the IBD Network are looking for emerging Consumer Technology companies for the upcoming Under the Radar event in Mountain View, CA in May. I’m on the advisory panel, so drop me a note if you have a relevant entry. Here are track details:

Digital Home/Automation
– Content management, search, storage, devices

– Search/Recommendations – desktop, e-commerce, listings, verticals
– Digital file storage for consumers (e.g., music libraries)
– Digital content management (e.g., personal private networks, video, music, photo sharing)
– P2P – music, radio, file sharing, social software

Wireless/cellular entertainment services
– Location-based apps, music, search games, photos, video, TV

– Personalization
– Gaming
– Next-generation advertising (e.g., search/listings, networks, optimization)
– Application/device combinations

– Companies can be any of the following: privately funded, bootstrapped, or the recipient of no more than a SERIES B round of VC funding.
– Must have a minimum of 2 paying customers
– Must have a minimum of 1 industry partnership
– US-based companies – must be interested in partnership opportunities, follow-on VC funding, or speaking opportunities
– Non-US companies – must be interested in finding US-based partnerships, US-based VC funding, or setting up a US-based office.