More frigging with the rigging

Back from the UK and a chance to use the jet-lagged early hours to make some further adjustments to Morgan McLintic on PR.

I’ve started to use some more descriptive categories such as Media, Blogging, Agency Life to improve navigation. Until now it has all been archived under PR which is a good catch-all tag but not sharp enough – hope that helps. Also added a new clutch of books to the reading list Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and James Surowieki’s Wisdom of Crowds following a recent raid.

I’ve also added Robb Hecht’s PR Machine blog to the PR blog roll – some good info there [Hi – Robb]. Robb has commented here before, which reminds me, I’ve also made the comments more visible so that conversations and additions are more navigable.

Finally I’m also experimenting (rather belatedly) with Flickr – a few test shots from a company event in San Diego which happened to be the first in my iMovie albums. Independently later in the day they announced their acquisition – and I’d been reading the Flickr blog just hours before. Anyway, it’s a great service, and they’ve done well to get acquired when the product is still in beta. Keith Nilsson, vice president of corporate development at Yahoo! said the company would look at firms in any stage of development provided the fit was right at an event I blogged in mid-February.