Dennis Howlett launches Bazaarz blog

My old journalist mentor, Dennis Howlett, has launched a European tech blog called Bazaarz. For those that don’t know him, Dennis is a crusty old hack veteran journalist who has written for Accountancy Age, InformationWeek, Unix/NT News and VNU Newswire. He’s already lined up a good stable of authors including Geoff Nairn of the Financial Times, Liz Fletcher (who I don’t know but is a former PR pro it seems), and Paul Quigley, editor of Accounting and Finance 365.

The site is still in beta as Dennis develops the direction and fleshes out the features, but he aims it to be the first professional tech blog to deal specifically with pan-European issues. Customer support was one he mentioned to me. And given Den’s background, we’ll also see plenty of enterprise application news and features (especially ERP, BI and accounting systems).

Meantime, he’s filling in by interviewing me about evangelizing blogging, and some less than complimentary comments about my cub flack days when I used to make the tea. Sad to say that I still do – and damn good at it I am too.