Me the media?

Like other PR bloggers, I received an email this week from Bacon’s entitled "Bacon’s Helps Top Journalists Like You." Quite a surprise since I’m not a journalist, let alone a top one. It was a database update mail, so I clicked on the link and checked my details, many of which were correct to Bacon’s credit. But here’s what it says about me:

McLintic is a Blogger covering Public Relations in Silicon Valley, including various Technologies that PR people can utilize, as well as company news. He is also the vice president of the global public relations agency, LEWIS.

So, not only am I a journalist, but I’m also a Blogger with a capital ‘B’. Like it’s a profession. Interestingly the copy says that I’m also a VP at a PR firm. Actually, it’s the other way around. I’m a VP in a PR firm, and also a blogger. The day job pays much better, I find.

That said, I’m more than happy to be contacted about topics relevant to PR and technology. Now who might want to pitch me… perhaps Bacon’s with a capital ‘B’? And how might it get the word out to PR professionals that it’s extending its database of bloggers? Beats me.