David Kelley’s keynote

Am sitting in the audience at AlwaysOn for Mark Cuban’s keynote. I have a few moments to enjoy the show following moderating David Kelley’s keynote. Our session seems to have been well received.

We discussed the state of innovation, how companies can instill a culture of innovation, the stages in innovation and how to spot a good idea. David also introduced Stanford’s new design school, the d.school, which he has set up. The aim of the school is to introduce a new way of thinking – design thinking, as opposed to analytical thinking. These multi-disciplinary designers will be the glue in creative teams.

David and his firm IDEO are at the forefront of innovation. His new d.school will train a new breed of entrepreneurs who combine business kudos, technical acumen and design thinking.

I think the session will be archived, so I’ll post the link when I have it. My thanks to David for his time. He was a pleasure to talk to.

UPDATE – here’s the link with the blog chat as well.

UPDATE 2 – Michael Kanellos covers the session for CNET.com.

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