Media Asia covers LEWIS’ move to China

Media - July 16 05Media magazine, PRWEEK’s Asian equivalent, covered our move into China on Friday [requires subscription]. This followed an interview I did with Arun Sudhaman last week. The piece also features Erin Atan, who runs the Asian region and is doing most of the hard work getting the office off the ground, alongside Elizabeth Priester, our new China GM. In it I’m talking about the internationalization of PR and how tech companies are looking to market themselves on a global basis, often from the get-go. From a communications perspective, this can be a challenge since many agencies have only a national reach and others, while global in principle, are not in practice having been bolted together from disparate firms. Like many aspects of marketing, the challenge is in the implementation when it comes to global PR campaigns.

While I’m on the topic of interviews, my blog post questioning whether PR firms should ghost-write corporate blogs has sparked the cover story in Ragan’s Media Relations Report. I spoke with Christine Kent who wrote the piece having read my blog. Fellow PR blogger Josh Hallett is also quoted along with the seemingly ubiquitous but ever insightful, Steve Rubel. Yet more proof that blogging can influence opinion and cascade into the print media, even in the somewhat limited mediasphere of PR.

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