Blog Relations PR survey

Hugh Fraser and Matthew Lynn of Blog Relations have published the results of their recent blogging survey of 50 PR consultants. While the sample size is perhaps not representative of the entire industry and, as they say, skewed towards the more blog-savvy, there are some interesting headlines.

Six out of ten of the PR people taking part in the survey believed that a disgruntled employee or a dissatisfied customer could use a blog to damage a company’s reputation. But eight out of ten PR PROs also think that blogs, if used correctly can be a useful communication tool for businesses.

Meanwhile, although 56 percent of PRs say that they have never pitched a blogger, 46 per cent of those same people think that there are already a “good number of influential blogs.” Perhaps they could be doing more to get their message out to them.

Also interesting to note the differing results between the UK and US detailed here.