Katrina dominates blogosphere

More than 5.5% of all blog posts are about Hurricane Katrina, according to Intelliseek’s Blogpulse tool. It’s clear that many of those posts also discuss President Bush, as can be seen in the sharp uptick in posts about him since August 29, 2005. Debate is raging about his response to the crisis in New Orleans (see examples here). Also interesting to note how closely the subject of Iraq and Bush track together in blog posts, and how the topic of Iraq is also rising as the debate moves on.


Blogpulse is an excellent tool for tracking news topics, comparing their relative importance and seeing the relationship between particular search terms. It’s rare to have a news item dominate the blogosphere so clearly. For comparison, the massive outpouring of grief around Pope John Paul II’s death peaked at 4.6% of all posts.

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