Accountancy blog gives us another insight into benefits of business blogging

A month ago, my journo pal Dennis Howlett dropped me a note to say he’d started a new blog about accountancy. Thirty days later that blog, AccMan Pro, is off to a flying start. In just that short period, he’s clocked up 136 posts (over 4 a day), 1,722 visitors and 3,805 page impressions. More importantly, he’s made new contacts, generated some project revenue and has several prospective clients in the offing.

In a 30-day milestone post, Dennis also shares with us the types of company visiting AccMan Pro:

* 3 merchants banks

* 16 practices with more than 10 partners

* 5 practices with more than 25 partners

* 17 individuals deemed the stuff worthy enough to sign up for automatic receipt of postings (timed daily)

* EU Commission (they had a serious dig through!)

* HMRC (at least a couple of their people are looking at this site)

* Readers come from 11 countries (so the issues ain’t so local after all!)

* 16% of readers in the US

This is great testimonial for how a business-related blog can take off, and what the benefits have been to the author. It also shows the marketing opportunity for companies who want to reach a targeted audience like that. Say you wanted to sell to accountants, if you were to sponsor Den’s site, he’d continue to reach out to that audience and take your brand with you. There aren’t many people at the moment who are attempting to blog full-time. Den’s one of the pioneers (or perhaps just plain stubborn enough to give it a whirl). Judging from the first 30 days – it might just work.

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